125 Gallon FOWLR First Tank

  • Hey guys, I'm finally posting my first (REAL) Saltwater tank setup. I was on the site almost two years ago posting questions about the issues I had when I very unwisely purchased a tank already set up on Craigslist. That tank was 30 gallons, and being a total noob to the hobby it ended in disaster. Fast forward a year and a couple months, I bought my first home and had a room with no good ideas to use for. Then I saw the tank in a pet shop and new it would be perfect for said room and I once again desired to to get back into the hobby. Still very knew to the hobby but seasoned in it's difficulties I pursued countless hours of research from great forums like this and others on the internet. My tank is now 8 months old and is full of life! I hope you enjoy the pictures! Any feedback is appreciated!
  • 125 Gallon 72x18x24 FOWLR Glass (not drilled) tank
    Trigger System Crystal 36 Sump/Refugium with Chaetomorpha
    Eshopps PF-1000 Overflow
    MagDrive 1800 Return Pump
    2x Current USA Orbit Marine LED Light System with Ramp Timer Pro
    DIY Gravity Fed ATO from 20 gallon bin using Eshopps Float Valve
    Bubble Magus Hero 7 Skimmer
    2x Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation Pumps 1500gph
    2x Eheim 150w heaters
    225 Pounds of rock
    2 inch sandbed
  • 3 Blue/Green Chromis
    1 Lawnmower Blenny
    1 One Spot FoxFace
    2 Kaudern Cardinals
    2 Ocellaris Clownfish
    1 Ocellaris Black White Clown
    1 Blue Hippo Tang
    2 Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
    1 Coral Banded Shrimp
    More snails and crabs than I can count
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