60 Gallon Cube

  • So, I fell in love with cube tanks back when I had my 29g Biocube. Since then, I've had Aqueon tanks (4 and 8) and then switched to the Nuvo 8. Yet, no matter what I did, my craving for a nice cube just wouldn't subside! So, I got a call from a buddy, who was looking to get rid of this bad boy, and sure enough, it was just my cup of tea ;)
  • 60 Gallon Tank
    20 Gallon Sump
    2 x 120 Watt Chinese LEDs
    1 x 200 watt heater
    1 x 100 watt heater
    Coralife SuperSkimmer
    Mag 9 Return Pump
  • FIsh:

    Regal Blue Tang (Yellow Belly)
    Labbout's Fairy Wrasse
    Yellow Clown Goby
    Yellow Watchman Goby (Not sure, it was tiny and I haven't seen it for weeks [lot's of live rock though lol])

    1 Rose Bubble
    2 x Sea Hare
    Feather Dusters
    Pistol Shrimp