7.5g Deep Blue Rimless aka mistress jr

  • Hello, everyone finally making a showcase. Bought this off a local reefer who was getting out and thought it was an outstanding deal. slowly changing it over to a zoa garden with a few lps and some nice sps. downgraded from a deep blue 57g rimless(7.5 is easier and cheaper to fill stock)
  • Equipment and dry goods:
    7.5g Deep Blue rimless 12"x12"12"
    Reef Breeders dimmable value LED (first true led) love them
    Aquaclear 20 has tbsp of carbon and gfo in a mesh bag.
    Koralia Pico PH
    hydor 50w heater (need something smaller)
    do weekly 1.5-2g WC.
    no skimmer because of the WC
  • Blue legged hermits
    asteria snails
    20 zoas
    5 sps
    5 lps