75 Gallon Mixed Reef

  • Figured it was finally time to post this lol. Been a rough ride. In later October/ early November, I got Bronchitis, Strep, and a Sinus Infection that put me out of comission for almost a full month. During this time, the tank suffered pretty badly. Had to leave it to my fiance to manage things for me... and to her credit, she did a great job with her knowledge! But, it's been almost a full month since the almost crash (As far as corals go. Fish were fine :p). Here's where we're at!
  • 75 Gallon Tank - Four holes drilled. Two Drains, and Two Returns.
    20 Gallon Sump - Skimmer-Bioballs/Liverock- Macros/Live Rock/Return Pump
    Skimmer - Coralife Skimmer
    Return Pump - Iwaki Brand External. Forgot the model, but it's the 840 gph one
    Lighting - Chinese LEDs (Love em)
    Wave Makers - 2 x Wp 25s and 2 x Wp10s
  • 2 x SA Black Snowflake
    4 x Purple Firefish
    1 x Copperband Butterfly
    2 x Cleaner Wrasse
    1 x Blue Mandarin
    1 x Scooter Blenny
    1 x Sixline Wrasse
    1 x Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse
    1 x Horseface Blenny
    1 x Massive Sailfin (He's a jerk >_<!)
    Assorted Hermits/Snails, Sea Hare x 2, Sand Sifting Star, 2 x Decorator Crabs(My private fraggets :p), and I forget what else!