90 Gallon Reef

  • Hey Guys and Gals i thought i would post my tank and show off a little of what i got.

    90 Gallon Drilled Tank
    Inside tank
    2x Korilla 1150 power heads
    2 hydor 200 watt heaters (inside overflow box)

    30 Gallon Sump
    3 section sump
    1. Drops through all the media into section 1 which is covered and has rubble rock
    2. Bubble trap into section 2 which has my return pump and pump powering phosban reactor (running biopellets)
    3. Third section for hardware. Bak pak 2 skimmer, uv sterillizer and 200 watt heater.
    I built my own rack above this section and put a led 3 watt per light 12 watt fixture above this section. (cheato and corals in this section on rack i built opposite side of skimmer)

    Stocking List

    Clown Fish (Da Vinci)
    Blue Damsel
    Blue Tang
    One Spotted Foxface
    Melanraus Wrasse
    Diamond Goby
    2x Pipe fish (small and large)

    Rose Bubble Tip Anemone
    Condy Anemone
    Rock Anemone
    Tube Anemone
    Coral Bandit
    Pep. Shrimp (aiptasia issue 6 months ago)

    A handful of corals. Xenia,colt,hammer,torch,galxia,toadstool,4x zoas, 3x mushrooms,bubble,organ.



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