Aquarian's 36g Bow Front

  • ReefOctopus classic 90-HOB
    ReefBreeders Value fixture
    2 MJ-1200 power heads
    2" reef sand
    45-50 lbs of live/base rock
  • FISH
    Two True Percula Clown fish
    Starry Blenny
    Green Clown Gobi (MIT)
    Black Leopard Wrasse
    Leopard Wrasse (female)

    Magenta Stylophora
    Pink Stylophora ( has turned blue green )
    Purple Birds Nest
    Green Birds Nest
    Australian Green Alveopora
    Pom Pom Xenia
    Pink Montipora Digtia
    Superman Montipora
    Yellow Cup Coral Turbinaria
    White Star Polyps
    Trumpet Coral 1 green 1 red with green center
    2 Acan Lord colonies
    Tooth Coral (Galaxea spp.)
    Red Mushroom
    Colony Polyp, (Zoanthus sp.) 6 colonies
    Button Polyp
    Clove polyps
    Pavona Cactus Coral
    Orange Pavona
    Pink Pocillopora
    Green polyp Pocillopora
    War coral
    Purple Tree Gorgonian
    Yellow Finger Gorgonian
    Kenya tree
    Tree Coral
    Yellow porites
    Purple Tip Frogspawn
    Australian Pink Flower pot
    Blue Pagoda Cup
    Torch coral
    2 Lobo brains
    4 Acro frags
    Green ElkHorn Montipora
    Green star polyps
    Blue ridge
    Large Polyp Blastomussa
    Toadstool Leather
    Green Hammer branching
    Teal Maze Brain
    Green Maze Brain
    Orange Blossom Favia
    Green Eye Mycedium
    Aussie Micromussa
    Elegance Coral
    Horn Coral, Fluorescent

    2 Ninja Star Snails
    4 Nassarius snail
    6 Bumblebee snails
    6 Cerith snails
    3 blue leg hermits
    And then there's the hitchhikers
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