Jordan's 120 Build

  • This is the build of 120g Marine Reef Aquarium.
    2/26/14 - We have it plumbed and the pumps are running. 102lbs of live rock has been added. Waiting on my lights.
    3/3/14 - 29g Quarantine tank is up and running and at temperature. Will likely get the 1st fish in there this week to start a 30-day quarantine.
    3/5/14 - DIY ATO installed
    3/7/14 - Neptune Apex Controller
    3/8/14 - Camera Installed to detect sump overflow
    3/10/14 - Reefbreeders 48" Photons installed
    3/11/14 - Neptune ALD Installed
  • 48" Reefbreeders Photon
    Neptune Apex w/ pH, Temp and ALD
    1500gph Koralia powerhead
    Jebao WP40 powerhead
    Reef Octopus NW-110-6520B Skimmer
    Reef Octopus BR-110 Biopellet Reactor running BRS biopellets
    Mag-Drive 7 for biopellet reactor
    BRS CO2 scrubbing reactor
    BRS activated carbon reactor running ROX 0.8
    Maxijet 600 running AC reactor
    BRS GFO reactor running BRS bulk GFO
    Maxijet 1200 running GFO reactor
    Hydor ATO
    Mag-Drive 9 Return