Kyle's 20 Gallon Long

  • 20 gallon long tank slowly being transformed into a reef tank. I plan on changing out my lights to ReefBreeders, and adding an ATO system. As far as corals go, I plan on adding some various zoas, a frogspawn, and possibly mushrooms, in addition to a couple SPS pieces. At some point, I may add a clown and a sebae anemone or a green mandarin.

    Thanks for looking!
  • 20 gallon long tank (30x12x12)
    Odyssea 20" T5HO
    Koralia 425 x2
    Aqueon 30 gallon powerfilter with rubble
    50 watt & 100 watt (adjustable) heaters
  • Lots of live rock/sand
    Scarlet Skunk
    Peppermint Shrimp
    Yellow Clown Goby
    Florida Ceriths x~10
    Dwarf Ceriths x~30-40
    Antillean Nerites x~6
    Nassarius x4
    Astrea x1
    Hammer (Euphyllia parancora)
    Frogspawn (E. paradivisa)
    Green Star Polyps
    Zoanthus sp.
    Palythoa so.
    Montipora capricornis (Red)
    Seriatapora sp. (Green Polyp)