Lesley & Steve First Saltwater Tank

  • Purchased in April 2013 second hand (5months old) Wow huge move, took over 14 hours and 6 very strong men to lift.
    50kg Sand
    150kg Live Rock
    We have now become addicted to this hobby, we are learning so much and still know nothing !
    We enjoy our aquarium every single day, and love to see corals and fish happy healthy and thriving.

    The First tank & Sump photo are on day 2 of owning the tank !

    The following 3 pictures are of the tank split into 3rd's - 12 weeks of owning the tank
    The last photo is of the tank 6 months old and boy what a change.

    Some of the beautiful corals and anemones that have thrived in the tank since start up. We take a lot of pride in wanting all living things in the tank to be healthy and happy.
    We have even nursed some badly bleached anemones that we received with the tank back to health as you can see.
    The tank has now been with us for 7 months and we look back at the first photos and wow have things changed, thrived and grown.
    We still have so much to learn and enjoy doing so, we have made mistakes along the way but have learnt that research is the key. Ask lots of question, listen to lots of ideas and try them all one by one.
  • Tank size 1900 x 650 x 700
    Full length overflow with bean animal silent setup
    3 down and returns left and right

    Sump 120 x 50 x 50 split into 4

    ATI 8x80w T5 Auto/programmable

    skimmer - Deltec TC2060

    Flow - 2 x Tunze 6105's
    2 x Tunze 6055
    Tunze controller 7096

    Auto Top up Tunze Ozmo

    4 stage RODI unit with TDS meter

    Phosban reactor

    Carborn reactor
  • 1 X Blonde Nasso Tang
    2 x Yellow Tang
    2 x Blue hippo Tang
    2 x Green spotted Dragonets
    1 x Coral Beauty
    1 x Flame Angel
    1 X Copperband Butterfly
    2 x Wild caught Clown Fish

    Numerous Corals, anemones,snails etc
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