My First Saltwater Tank! 46gal Bow Front

  • Do you remember your first car?
    Perhaps it was used, a fixer upper. You didn't care, it was all yours! You washed it, waxed it, you added a few touches and made it yours!

    That's how I feel!!! I received the wonderful gift from my friends and my wife of beautiful 46gal Bow Front tank!

    It's not new, it's used, but I don't care it's mine!! I love it! It's not my first aquarium but I will be my first saltwater reef tank.

    Of course I'm not going to jump in and hit the gas, that would be foolish! It WANT it to succeed, I WANT it to be beautiful! So I'm taking my time and learning how to do it right! I've been reading a lot about what I want and what I can have. I'm so excited. I appreciate all the help and advice I will receive along the way! And of course I will be posting pictures along my way.

    If I did this right you will see a picture of the tank and stand right after I cleaned some of the old freshwater algae out it it.
    The stand has mold from a spill. The good and bad news is, it was untreated wood. Bad because of the mold but good because I plan on staining it once the mold is removed. The stand is solid wood, not particle or pressed board which is awesome! I'm having a friend remove the mold and basically rebuild it to give me a little more room underneath so I can fit a sump in there.
    As soon as I get it back I'm going to sand it down and stain it, seal it and put new hardware on it. It will look really nice!

    I plan on putting a 20gal long sump which I am building and will need a little help on but I'll get to that another time. Also the glass is tempered and can't be drilled so I will be plumbing it over the back.

    As far as the tank itself, I'm not a big fan of the "wood grain" look. So I got some glossy black Krylon Fusion Paint (which I read was fish friendly) for the trim and the back glass as you can see from the pics.

    It's an adventure and I'm looking forward to it! Thanks in advance for all the help!!