Nickis 55gal

  • My 55 gal. I had a corner tank but it sprung a leak twice. So this is my replacement. I found aquascaping was a little more difficult in the longer tanks. Also some photos from my 25 gal.
  • Lighting:
    2 zoomed 22 inch t5 on top
    Actinic 420
    2 Deep blue 4ft t5 on back bottom
    Actinic 03 28w
    Day light 28w 10kk
    Marineland penguin biowheel 350
    Large uv sterilizer (not sure of models )
    Large protine skimmer
    Seio superflow pump prop 350
  • 2 ocellaris clowns
    2 banggai cardinals
    2 neon gobys
    2 pacific cleaner shrimp
    1 yellow tang
    1 flagtail surgeonfish
    1 orangeback fairy wrasse
    1 chromis
    1 green clown goby
    1 citron goby
    1 scooter dragonet
    1 royal gramma basslet
    1 lawnmower blenny
    1 sand sifting seastar
    10 serpent sea stars
    1 mini maxi carpet anemone
    1 haitian anemone
    7 turbo snails
    lots of feather dusters
    metallica tube worms

    ricordea mushrooms
    kenya trees
    green mushrooms
    star polyps
    button polyps
    xenia coral
    fungia plate
    yellow polyps
    leather coral