• 150 gal reef ready tank
    20 gal diy sump
    207 pounds of lr
    120 pounds of aragonite sand
    2 250w MH
    2 175w MH
    4 54w T5-HO
    2 wp-10
    2 wp-40
    DC-9000 return pump
    6" Reef OCTOPUS Classic NWB-150SSs
  • 3-toadstools (2 are frags)
    3-birds nest (2 frags)
    7 head duncan
    neon green maze coral
    red and green war coral
    tri color recordia
    pink rainbow acan
    orange acan
    purple torch coral
    3 acropora (not sure what kinds)
    purple sea whip
    fire and ice zoa
    candy apple zoa
    pink button polyp
    Red Candy Cap Montipora capricornis
    Green Montipora capricornis

    2 ocellaris clown fish
    Yellow tang
    Coral beauty
    Niger Trigger
    Blue Hippo Tang
    Yellow Boxfish
    skunk cleaner shrimp
    nerite snails
    Nassarius snails
    turbo snails
    Cerith Snails
    Dwarf Zebra Hermit Crab
    Blue Leg Hermit Crabs