O know what have I done!

  • Hello everyone,

    Welcome to my first build post.

    I have recently moved and my previous star fire tank was left at my previous residence. As a result, I had to get a new tank. Soooo after a few recommendations for builders, I settled on a local guy by the name of Blaine over at Lantz Enterprises (BizzareAquariums/WallTanks).

    After a few weeks of deliberation I decided on a 60 x 36 x 24 display with the intention of a 75g sump, 30g refugium and a separate frag tank in the next room all tied into the same system. The frag tank is still in the planning process so I don't have any firm ideas on that front yet.

    The build is just getting started, tank arrived on Monday so feel free to tag along for the ride!
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