Peninsular Build

  • 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 Peninsular Build.
    Our fist tank was a second hand tank and there were things right from the beginning that annoyed us . But decided to go down the second hand path to see if we actually were interested in sticking with this hobby long term.
    15 months down the track and we are hooked.
    So time to get a specifically designed tank.
    We knew we wanted to go bigger than our 6 x 2 x 2 but didn't have the wall space or room. So hubby says "lets bash down and build some new walls "So that's what we did.
    The difficulty was the wall that we needed bashed was backing onto our existing tank, builders had to be so careful. It was also the first time we actually saw the back of the tank. yukky !
    So the peninsular was ordered and built.
    We have so many corals etc its going to be great to be able to have them view-able from both sides of the aquarium and give our tang community so much more swimming space.
    The big move/upgrade will be tomorrow.
    We were lucky enough to have all the gear to be able to run both tanks simultaneously (except skimmer) so we have exchanged 1200lt of water between the two tanks over the last 10 days.
    Parameters are spot on with both, so hoping this will make the change over easier for all the corals and livestock.
    Will post pictures of the move over & hopefully the successful completion of this build.
  • 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 Peninsular (approx 1400lt)
    Star fire glass 3 sides Euro bracing all round & 1 centre brace (all star fire)

    5 foot / 5 chamber sump
    Skimmer / chateau / live rock / chateau / return

    1 ft Glass ATO - Tunze Auto Top off.

    Stainless Steel powder coated Metal stand rated to 3 tonne / 950 mm high

    Bean Animal silent plumbing - 2 downs 1 emergency
    Plumbed for siphon water changes (250lt) through return pipes with 20mm click on hose attachment / pump water back in through same connector.

    Will only be using NSW with this tank.

    Flow - 2 x Maxpect Gyre 50w

    3 x TLF reactors - Rowa phos - Carbon - Seachem posguard. Laguna 2000lt/hr pump

    Marine Magic 3 channel Auto Doser - Mag - Cal - Alk

    Lighting - ATI programmable 8 x 80w - 4 x white 2 x blue 1 x purple 1 x pink

    Skimmer - Deltec TC 2060 internal Laguna 2000lt/hr pump

    Return - Laguna 6000lt/hr - fitted with one way valve.

    1 x skimmer auto cut off - waste cup reaches certain level will turn skimmer off till we get home (saves flooding)

    1 x ATO & Return Level switch - when ATO is filled will sound alarm, if for any reason return section of sump gets below a certain level will sound alarm. Both alarms will continue to sound until problems are corrected.

    1 X Digital Temp controller.- 2 x 300w heaters.
    Preset required temp - controller will switch heaters on/off as needed.
    Living in Australia we have very hot summers so will automatically switch on/off fans (located over sump) as required

  • 2 x Blue tangs
    2 x Yellow tangs
    1 x lLpstick tang
    1 x Coral beauty
    1 x Flame angel
    2 x Ocs clowns
    2 x Green spotted Dragonets
    1 x Copperband
    1 x Powder Blue Tang
    1 x Abalone
    numerous CUC.

    Mostly LPS corals - torches. goniporas etc

    5 x SPS acroporas