Shep's 20 Gallon Reef

  • Finally got around to starting my new tank, trying to do this one by the book. It is a 20 gallon that I would like to do as a reef tank, this will be my first attempt at reef tank so I would love any tips and tricks that you guys have!

    P.S On a side note, I am not the best photographer so the pictures might not always be the best quality
  • Dimensions: 24x12.5x16
    Light: Reef Breeders Value LED Fixture
    Filter: Fluval C2
    Powerhead: 1 Hydor Koralia 425
  • 1x Gold Assessor (Assessor flavissimus)
    1x Firefish (Nemateleotris magnifica)
    Couple of snails
    Eletric Blue Hermit
    Leather Toadstool Coral
    Kryptonite and Green Tea Cup Colony Polyp Rock Zoanthus IM
    Short tentacle plate coral
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