Steve's 90 Gallon Reef

  • The adventure began September 2012 and I have been hooked ever since. My small piece of the reef is a work in progress and I have learned lots along the way. I thank everyone here on Living Reefs for all of your help. My tank wouldn't be where its at today without all of the information and advice I have attained from here.
  • 90 gallon all glass tank with built in overflow
    20 gallon sump with refugium
    Apex system controller
    2X Jebao RW-8 wavemaker
    2- IT2040 LED units
    gravity fed auto top off
    JNS CO-1 Skimmer

    GFO/Carbon Reactor
  • Fish
    Sargassum Trigger
    Yellow Tang
    2 Clowns
    Christmas Wrasse
    Royal Gramma
    Pink spot Goby

    2 Black and White Chromis

    Bubble tip anenome
    Mini-maxi anemone
    Maxima Clam
    2 Sand Conch
    Purple short spine urchin
    Crabs and snails for cleanup crew

    Superman mushrooms
    Super Red Mushrooms
    Several different Zoas
    Pink Setosa
    2 Leathers
    Orange Fungia
    Rainbow Montipora
    Green Button Polyps

    Red Plating Montipora