2000 Pods + Free Shipping - Only $29.99 - Limited to first 100 orders

Discussion in 'Sponsor Offers' started by Reefs2go.com, Oct 1, 2011.

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    You read it right - 2000 Pods + FREE shipping - Only $29.99 - however - this offer is limited to the first 100 orders - so get 'em quick!

    And you can add like items to ship for free as well - like this Macro Algae - Shaving Brush, Halimedia, Mangrove Shoots or Turtle Grass!

    So why should you stock your aquarium or refugium with Amphipods & Copepods?

    1. Amphipods and copepods make excellent food for picky eaters like seahorses. Mandarin gobies love them and they are essential to a reef tank adding biodiversity.

    2. The most common amphipods found in aquaria are either herbivores or detritivores. They tend to eat either plant or algal material preferentially and either graze on algae or eat debris of plant or algal origin.

    3. In our aquaria, amphipods are typically part of the cleanup crew. In addition, they are good food for whatever fish can catch them. Altogether they are a beneficial and interesting component of our systems' fauna.

    Check out what Jim from Ohio had to say: "This was a great buy, and I could not be more pleased. The pack had visible amphipods of all sizes, and I didn't even find one that had died during transit. That I could even make out a few copepods, told me there were hundreds more. If you follow the directions for introduction into your tank and you have lots of places for the pods to hide in, you'll find they distribute themselves quickly. I would definitely order again - my Mandarin couldn't be more pleased as well."

    Rose of Maryland gave the Pods an "A++ -Wonderful fast and healthy live food my seahorses love it. I have ordered multiple times and every time has been GREAT."

    Reefs2go.com, Oct 1, 2011
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