48" 4x65W Coralife LUNAR Aqualight Deluxe Series

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by pinstripes, Feb 7, 2009.

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    I'm selling 48" 4x65W Coralife LUNAR Aqualight Deluxe Series2 x Actinic and 2 x 10,000K, 4x 3/4W Blue LED's -Straight Pin Base. I got this a couple of weeks ago , Its brand new. Unopened box. I thought I was going to have extra room to start another tank but I've run out of space. I've put this on Ebay for buyers protection. Please pm if you have any questions. Thanks alot.



    Lunar Aqualight Deluxe Series - Double Linear Strip
    Two 65 watt 10,000K and two 65 watt True Actinic 03 Blue straight pin base compact fluorescent lamps
    Four 3/4 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED lamps
    Three on/off switches with three 8-foot power cords for separate timers
    Built-in ballasts
    One cooling fan
    Sleek aluminum housing
    Highly-polished reflector Acrylic lens cover
    The state-of-the-art Lunar Aqualight compact fluorescent light fixtures incorporate the Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED 470nm light which creates rhythmic glitter and shimmering effects while promoting spawning cycles in corals and reef life. Backed by the proven quality of the Aqualight product line, these superb lighting fixtures allow you to Capture the Sun and now...the Moon.

    Dimensions: 48in x 7in x 2 1/2in
    pinstripes, Feb 7, 2009
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