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Discussion in 'Sponsor Offers' started by Ian, Jan 14, 2010.

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    This forum category is the only forum section where commercial aquatic offers can be posted (i.e. classifieds from a business), and to post in this section you must be one of Living Reefs business sponsors. This is a very important way to help us keep Living Reefs running.

    How to become a sponsor:

    For $25/month you can become a Living Reefs Business Sponsor, allowing you to post special offers in the Sponsor Offers forum. You can also place a small image advertising your business in your forum signature. We allow no other commercial advertising in posts or sigs on this forum, so this deal ensures that you will have great commercial exposure. A special username badge will also appear to indicate that you are a forum business sponsor.

    To summarize, your benefits include:
    • Exclusive forum for business sponsors to post deals on the forum (3 threads per week max).
    • You can place a small business advertisement in your forum signature (234x60 half banner size)
    • Special business Sponsor badge under your username
    Becoming a business sponsor is a great way to promote your store on Living Reefs. Please note, only aquatic related businesses are able to join.

    Please click this link to subscribe to become a Business Sponsor, then select the "Living Reefs Business Sponsor" option:
    Ian, Jan 14, 2010
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