Blue Ribbon Eel

Species information for the Blue Ribbon Eel, in the Eels category.

  1. FAMILY - Mureanidae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Rhinomuraena Quaesita

    COMMON NAME - Ribbon Eel ( Black Ribbon Eel, Blue Ribbon Eel)

    SIZE - 3.9 ft. (1.2m)

    RANGE - Indo West Pacific

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 30 US Gal. (114 L)

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Live feeder fish, mollies, guppies and gradually switch to marine fish and crustacean flesh, crab, scallops, squid on a feeding stick. Feed 2 times per week to satiation.


    REEF COMPATIBILITY - May eat crustaceans and small fish.

    CAPTIVE CARE - Subject to not feeding in captivity. Provide a fine or rubble substrate for burrowing, plenty of hiding places, acclimating to captivity in a small aquarium 1st will help and once feeding transfer to the main tank, any small hole in the canopy or elsewhere will provide an escape route, the ribbon eels are also known to swim up siphon tubes that do not have strainers on them, (all female ribbon eels have tranformed from females). Juvenile coloration may be different than the adult coloration, color transformation commences at around 25-32" (65-80cm) in length, at about 33" (85 cm) the eel begins to develop female sex organs. More than one can be kept in a tank, however, be aware of cannibalism or other difficulties that may arise, if more than one is to be kept introduce at the same time.

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