BREAKING NEWS! Coral banded shrimp charged with 2 counts 1st degree murder!

Discussion in 'Corals' started by HAWKS12thMAN, May 31, 2007.

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    May 25, 2007
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    Cle Elum, WA
    The people (AKA living reefs tank hood) VS. The coral banded shrimp (nicknamed Lil Bastard). The alleged charges are 2 counts of !st degree murder and 2 counts of cannibalism. You the members of living reefs forums be the jury.

    DAY ONE​

    Judge: "Coral Banded Shrimp you are charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder and cannibalism. How do you plead?"
    Coral Banded Shrimp (CBS): "Not guilty."
    Judge: "We will now hear the opening arguments."
    Prosecuting attorney (PA): "Over the course of this trial I will prove not only did the coral banded shrimp kill 2 other shrimp (a cleaner shrimp and a peppermint shrimp) but he ate there body’s to conceal the evidence. I will show you that he has a history of violence and cannibalism. The CBS is a threat to the rest of the tank and if given a chance he will kill again.â€
    Defense attorney (DA): "My client has done nothing wrong. All the alleged charges are false and unproven. The PA has no eye witnesses or even bodies to these alleged murders. I will prove that the peppermint shrimp and cleaner shrimp simply disappeared together. They are using my client as an escape goat. There are going to make him look like OJ Simpson. People, the glove does not fit! My client is a gentle, decent invertebrate who is just as emotionally devastated by these brutal murders as the rest of the tank.â€

    DAY TWO​

    Judge: "PA you may present your case."
    PA: "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury for along time the CBS was the only shrimp in the 55 gallon reef tank. About two months ago a peppermint shrimp (Peppy) moved in. The CBS and peppermint hit it off right away. They would take long romantic scavenges together late a night. They even lived together on the same rock for a couple of weeks, which everyone found weird because this CBS is very protective and territorial. Even attacking HAWKS12thMAN hands if they get to close to CBS's rock or cave.
    Everything was perfect....... perfect until the cleaner shrimp (Jacque) moved in a month ago. The peppermint fell in love right away. There was something about this cleaner she was drawn too. Maybe it was the way he danced at his cleaning station. Maybe it was how he let his feelers blow in the current. Maybe it was just destiny, but because of CBS now we will never know. The peppermint left the CBS and moved to the the other side of the tank with the cleaner. The CBS was crushed. He found himself in a major depression. He had not eaten or left his rock since she left him for the cleaner.
    Late one night’ two weeks ago the starving CBS finally came out for a quick scavenge. As he emerged from his cave he caught a glimps of something out of the corner of his eye. There they were, Peppy and Jacque sharing a romantic scavenge under the glow of the lunar lights. Then it happened! Something just snapped inside of him. The CBS swam over to them and grabbed the cleaner by his throat. He began tearing him apart with his pinchers...... making sure it was slow and painful. He found enjoyment in murdering the cleaner in front of his ex-lover. As she stood there in shock of what she just saw happen to her one and only true love the CBS made a demand "Come home with me and never tell anyone about this or ill do the same to you!" She then slapped him. It would prove to be the last thing she ever did. The CBS then spent the rest of the night devouring there bodies to conceal any evidence."
    Judge: "DA you may present your case."
    D.A.: "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury what you just heard is only speculation. The prosecutor showed you no physical evidence they just presented you a theory. My client is only guilty of having his heart broken. As a matter of fact the only part of the prosecutors story that true is that my client let a beautiful shrimp into his life only to be cheated on and thrown away like spoiled milk. CBS would never have harmed that peppermint shrimp. He loved her and after all she did to him he still loves her with all his heart.
    We believe Jacque was diagnosed with incurable testicular cancer. The news was devastating to the couple. He was going to die soon and they could not live without each other so they made a suicide pact. They both decided to pull the screen off one of the power heads and swim into. That’s why we cant find there bodies they got grinded up.“
    P.A.: “OBJECTION! There is no evidence that a shrimp can contract testicular cancer.â€
    D.A.: “You haven’t even found the bodies and you accuse my client of murder. I should be able to present what we believe is the truth.â€
    Judge: “Shrimp cant get testicular cancer so your theory could not be the truth. Think of another defense.â€
    D.A.: “OK, Jacque got Peppy pregnant. The couple decided raising children in captivity is not the proper environment. They only wanted what’s best for there little ones. Baby shrimp should be able to scavenge in open waters not a 55 gallon tank.
    They knew HAWKS12thMAN was going on a vacation to the Oregon coast. We believe they made a daring escaped from the tank the night before the trip. They hide inside the car all night until the it arrived at the coast. The two of them waited for the cover of dark so no one could see them as they traveled to the ocean. They now live on the west coast with there seven children.â€


    Judge: “I call strawberry Psudocrombis (Magenta) to the witness stand.â€
    Magenta: “Hello your Honor.â€
    Judge: “Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?â€
    Magenta: “yes I do your Honor.â€
    P.A.: “Were you ever attacked by the CBS?â€
    Magenta: “Yes, many times. The last time was the worst. We just moved from the a 29 gallon nano to the 55 gallon tank. I accidentally wondered into his cave. I was confused after the move. He then cornered me in his cave and tore me to shreds. I still have many scars from that attack. I couldn’t swim for a couple weeks. HAWKS12thMAN had to put me in a quarantine tank till I got better. â€
    P.A.: “Its your turn D.A..â€
    D.A.: â€So You were in his cave don’t you think maybe he was just defending himself and his property?â€
    Magenta: “I guess, but he’s always trying to clip my fins. I cant even swim on that side of the tank.â€
    D.A.: “No more questions your Honor.â€
    Judge: “I call HAWKS12thMAN to the stand.â€
    HAWKS12thMAN: “Hi your Honor.â€
    Judge: “Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?â€
    HAWKS12thMAN: “I do.â€
    P.A. “Can you verify Magenta’s story?â€
    HAWKS12thMAN: “Yes, he is very aggressive towards everyone, even me. I nicknamed him Lil Bastard Because he’s always attacking things.â€
    P.A.: “Have you ever seen him do something cannibalistic?â€
    HAWKS12thMAN: “After anything molts he eats the moltings. If a snail dies ill catch him eating it too.â€
    P.A.: “No more questions Your Honor.â€
    D.A.: “Do you under feed your tank? Is that why he’s so aggressive?â€
    HAWKS12thMAN: “No.â€
    D.A.: “Then why did you buy him?â€
    HAWKS12thMAN: “He didn’t seem that mean in the store?â€
    D.A.: “If he was not aggressive at the store maybe you made him that way. SHRIMP BEATER!â€
    P.A.: “UBJECTION!â€
    Judge: “That’s a warning D.A., ill put you in contempt!â€
    D.A.: “No more questions.“


    Judge: “P.A. its your closing arguments first.â€
    P.A.: “This CBS is guilty. Jury, the glove only fits him. I ask you to find him guilty and sentence him to life in the 29 gallon nano tank or DEATH! I have nothing more your Honor. I rest my case.â€
    D.A.: “My client is innocent. The prosecutor has no physical evidence. No body’s. Nothing. They can not prove he did this beyond a reasonable doubt. For all they know those shrimp are in California by now. I rest my case.â€
    Judge: “This shrimps fate is up to you living reefs jury. Send in your verdict. Were did the two missing shrimp go? Were they murdered by the Lil Bastard or did they just run away? If he’s found guilty what’s the sentence you would hand down?â€
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    HAWKS12thMAN, May 31, 2007
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  2. HAWKS12thMAN

    matthew1048 Wurd to ya motha

    Jan 29, 2007
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    Memphis, TN USA
    ROFLMAO!!! You have a very active imagination...but, nonetheless, you are a VERY good story teller HAWKS. I find the defendant guilty. Sentence him to life in the 29 gallon nano with no chance of parol.
    matthew1048, May 31, 2007
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  3. HAWKS12thMAN

    yote Ceritfied Mantis Hunter Moderator

    Oct 23, 2006
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    Guilty,Feed his punk butt to something bigger and badder.An eye for an eye
    yote, May 31, 2007
  4. HAWKS12thMAN

    fishbait I found Nemo

    Feb 11, 2007
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    southeast oklahoma
    that's funny stuff right there. don't care who you are.
    p.s. someone's been watching to many detective movies
    fishbait, Jun 1, 2007
  5. HAWKS12thMAN


    May 25, 2007
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    Cle Elum, WA
    :evil!?!?: Loosly based on a true story! Hope you all enjoy it. :evil!?!?:
    HAWKS12thMAN, Jun 1, 2007
  6. HAWKS12thMAN


    Mar 9, 2005
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    Nice one. well done.
    jhnrb, Jun 2, 2007
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