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Discussion in 'User-Created Articles' started by AndyB4784, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Jun 19, 2006
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    Just thought i'd share my recipie for coral food for anyone who's interested. I just mixed up my first batch yesterday and fed it today. All I can say is wow. I get a great feeding response from all of my corals. This recipie is a modified version of Eric Borneman's so i can't take credit for making it up. Just wanted to pass it on to all of you guys on here.

    1 - 12oz package of raw shrimp
    1 - 8oz cup of raw oysters
    1 - 16oz package of raw squid
    1 - 2lb bag mussles raw in shell
    1 - 12oz bag scallops
    1/2 bar cyclopeeze

    3 tbl spoons formula 1 pellet food
    3 tbl spoons formusa 2 pellet food
    1 pkg sushi nori (dried, not roasted or seasoned available at asian food stores)

    3oz zoecon
    5oz zoe (both by kent)

    put it in a blender and liquify it should look like thawed cyclopeeze when you are done.

    Make sure that all of the food is RAW. cooked food may have preservitives or salt in it as well as having minimized nutritional value.

    freeze it in ziploc freezer quart bags. make it about 3mm thick for easy breaking.

    Try this out guys your fish and corals will love you for it. this recipie makes about enough for a year and costs around $60 to make. it's a great thing to have club members go in on it with you.

    enjoy :)
    AndyB4784, Jan 15, 2007
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