Diadem Dottyback

Species information for the Diadem Dottyback, in the Dottybacks category.

  1. FAMILY - Cyprinodontiformes

    SCIENTIFIC NAME -Pseudochromis Diadema

    COMMON NAME - Diadem Dottyback

    SIZE - 2.4" (6 cm)

    RANGE - Western Pacific

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 20 US Gal (76 L)

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Varied marine diet of live or frozen fare for carnivores, marine fish chopped, crustacean flesh, mysid shrimp, brine shrimp. Feed daily.


    REEF COMPATIBILITY - Will eat smaller ornamental shrimps.

    CAPTIVE CARE - Can be aggressive towards other fish species, will attack damselfishes, fire gobies, gobies, grammas, anthias, and smaller fish, will harass cleaner shrimps, less aggressive with larger fish, prone to color loss. Feed high quality vitamin enriched and color enhancing marine foods, small groups can be kept together in large tanks with plenty of cover and hiding places.

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