Dusky butterflyfish

Species information for the Dusky butterflyfish, in the Butterflys category.

  1. FAMILY - Chactodontidae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Chaetodon Flavirostris

    COMMON NAME - Dusky Butterflyfish, Black Butterflyfish

    SIZE - 7.8" (20 cm )

    RANGE - Great Barrier Reef, New South Wales, Australia, Lord Howe Island, New Caledonia, Fiji, Samoa, Cook island, Rapa island, Pitcairn island

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 75 US Gal. (284 L)

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Sessile invertebrates, zooplankton


    REEF COMPATIBILITY - Not recommended

    CAPTIVE CARE - Provide a peaceful community tank, provide ample swimming room and adequate hiding places, acclimates to captivity better if several individuals are introduced at the same time in a properly sized tank. Ships poorly and is difficult to acclimate, usually refuses to feed. Offer a varied diet of finely chopped marine fish, mussel, squid, and frozen butterflyfish fare.

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