Exquisite Fairy Wrasse

Species information for the Exquisite Fairy Wrasse, in the Wrasses category.

  1. FAMILY - Labridae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Cirrhilabrus exquisitus

    COMMON NAME – Exquisite Fairy Wrasse

    SIZE – 5 in (13 cm)

    RANGE - Africa, Fiji, Maldives, Vanuatu

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE – 70 gal (265 L)

    CARE LEVEL – Easy

    TEMPERAMENT - Peaceful

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Should be fed a variety of high quality marine meaty foods.



    CAPTIVE CARE – This is a peaceful fish and should be kept with other peaceful tankmates. It can be kept with members of its own species if they are introduced at the same time and with only one male per tank. If an all female group is introduced to the tank, the dominant female may change to male. The Exquisite Fairy wrasse comes is a wider variety of color patters. They also prefer a tank with a shaded portion. Wrasses are known jumpers so the aquarium top should be covered.

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