Fantail filefish

Species information for the Fantail filefish, in the Filefish category.

  1. FAMILY - Balistidae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Pervagor Spilosoma

    COMMON NAME - Fantail Filefish (Hawaiian Filefish)

    SIZE - 7.1" ( 18 cm)

    RANGE - Indo Pacific

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 55 US Gal. (208 L)

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Varied diet, shaved shrimp, squid, scallop, mysid shrimp, freeze dried krill soaked in vitamin supplements, frozen marine algae preparations such as omnivores, or herbivores preparations. Feed min. 3 times a day.


    REEF COMPATIBILITY - Do not house with invertebrates, can be kept with stinging cnidarians such as the carpet anemone (Stichodactyla spp.).

    CAPTIVE CARE - Keep only one per tank unless a male female pair can be found, a hardy fish and stays small, will fight with members of its own genus, normally will not bother other fish species, will nip at fish with long fin filaments or elaborate finnages.

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