Flame Scallop

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  1. Scientific name - Lima scabra

    Family – Limidae

    Common name – Electric Flame Scallop, Flame Scallop

    Max Size – 3 in (7 cm)

    Range - Caribbean

    Care Level – Expert Only

    Temperament – Peaceful

    Water flow – Medium

    Foods and feeding – This is a filter feeding invertebrate, and must be feed phytoplankton (size 25-40 microns) daily. It is not photosynetic.

    Supplements - Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Iodine, Trace Elements

    Aquarium suitability - Please leave this creature in the ocean

    Reef compatibility – Yes

    Captive care – The Flame Scallop has a dismal survival record in captivity. They are not photosynethic and must be fed phytoplankton daily. Most aquarists are unable to provide food for the scallop and they starve to death in a few months. If you are going to attempt to keep this difficult creature, somethings to maximize your chance of success are: having a very large, established tank and fuge, and a deep sand bed. Like all invertebrates
    Flame scallops are very sensitive to nitrates and copper, and detectable levels of either are lethal.

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