Happy Fathers Day - Celebrate with 10% off the Entire Site & Purple Condys

Discussion in 'Sponsor Offers' started by Reefs2go.com, Jun 15, 2012.

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    If your Dad loves his saltwater fish as much as my husband you can easily please him with a Reefs2go.com Shipment.

    We have specials galore and
    with an additional 10% off the entire site - it is a Fathers Day Delight!!

    Need some more color?

    Purple Condy Anemones - Only $7.99 - Beautiful Color!!

    M Campbell of Michigan said "I received mine today. Didn't expect such a nice anenome! The picture doesn't do it justice. The pink color is almost like a flouresant. It arrived in great shape, it was mostly all showing when we tool it out of the box, looked great all thru acclimation. Put him where we wanted it, fed it some shrimp an it stayed right their. It's spread out so nice, it's actually the nicest anenome i ever seen. Thanku R2GO"

    Purple/Blue Mushrooms - GREAT for Low light tanks - Only $9.99

    Green Chromis - $1.99 each!!

    Want to see more? Check them all out at Reefs2go.com - Specials!!
    Reefs2go.com, Jun 15, 2012
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