Leopard Wrasse

Species information for the Leopard Wrasse, in the Wrasses category.

  1. FAMILY - Labridae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Macropharyngodon meleagris

    COMMON NAME - Leopard wrasse, Blackspot wrasse, Guinea Fowl wrasse

    SIZE - 6 ‘’ (15.2 cm)

    RANGE - South Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 50 gallons (190 L)

    CARE LEVEL - Expert only

    TEMPERAMENT - Peaceful

    FOODS AND FEEDING - The Leopard wrasse is a carnivore and will eat the micro-crustaceans found in a mature reef system. They can be trained to eat frozen, but most commonly only eat live food. If you are feeding frozen they should be feed enriched brine and mysid shrimp along with other high quality marine meaty foods.



    CAPTIVE CARE - They need a deep sand bed for them to burrow in a night. They can be with members of the same species, so long as there is only one male. The males have a greenish molting with a red to orange background, whereas the females have a black-brownish molting with a white to blue background. If no males are present, one of the females will become the male. Wrasses are known jumpers so the aquarium top should be covered.

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