Lime Green Wrasse

Species information for the Lime Green Wrasse, in the Wrasses category.

  1. FAMILY - Labridae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Thalassoma lutescens

    COMMON NAME – Lime Green, Sunset, Yellow, Yellow Moon Wrasse

    SIZE – 12 in (30.5)

    RANGE - Indo-Pacific, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Australia

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE– 150 gal (568 L)

    CARE LEVEL - Easy

    TEMPERAMENT – Aggressive

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Should be fed a variety of high quality marine meaty foods. Will also eat other crustaceans and some invertebrates.


    REEF COMPATIBILITY – With Caution, may eat ornamental shrimp.

    CAPTIVE CARE – This is one of the hardiest wrasses, but it is an aggressive fish and should be kept with fish of similar temperament. It may eat smaller fish. Wrasses are known jumpers so the aquarium top should be covered.

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