Margarita Snail

Species information for the Margarita Snail, in the Snails category.

  1. Scientific name - Margarites pupillus

    Family – Trochacea

    Common name – Margarita Snail

    Max Size – 1 in (2.5 cm)

    Range - Eastern Pacific

    Care Level – Easy

    Temperament – Peaceful

    Foods and feeding – The snail will roam the aquarium eating algae

    Aquarium suitability – Please leave this snail in the ocean

    Reef compatibility – Yes

    Captive care – While they are commonly sold in LFS, they are a cold-water snail and boil to death in our tanks. Please leave this snail in the ocean. Like all invertebrates it is extremely sensitive to nitrates and copper, and even tiny amounts are lethal to them.
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    little_fish, Feb 7, 2011