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    this was a report that me and my man did on sea horses for one of our classes at school...

    [ame=]YouTube - The life of a Seahorse[/ame]

    I will post all the facts in a second. The video didn't come out how i wanted it to when i uploaded it :( laaammmeee!!

    anyways it was fun to make :) hopefully you guys enjoy!

    Video Facts:

    What is a Seahorse?

    A seahorse is a fish, They breathe with gills, have fins, and have a backbone.

    Even though they are a fish they have some differences such as they do not have scales like most fish, instead they have tough skin that covers an outer skeleton which is made up of bony plates and rings.

    Seahorses are not strong swimmers, although they are a fish they only swim with a small fin on their back and two very small fins located behind their eyes.

    The scientific name for the sea horses is Hippocampus kampos. Hippos means horse and kampos means sea monster in Greek.
    Sea Horses are found in the phylum Chordata.

    Large Seahorses live for 3-5 years while a smaller seahorse live for about 1 year.

    Where do Sea Horses Live?

    Seahorses are found in most tropical regions and range from Australia to Mexico. Some species are resident to the Florida Keys as well.

    25 different species of seahorses are found in Australia alone.

    Seahorses like to stay in shallow waters, seahorses live where there are lots of rocks, plants, and even other animals that they can wrap their tail around. They tend to stay in sea grass beds and coral reefs.

    Seahorses very rarely travel far from where they live.

    They need a constant flow of water so small prey can be brought close enough for the seahorse to suck in.
    Some seahorses and sea dragons who are found in colder waters live in kelp forests.

    Who Eats Who

    Seahorses are a predator but they are also prey.

    Seahorse mainly prey on small mysid shrimp. Mysid shrimp are slow moving and about the size of a mosquito.

    They also feed on zooplankton that drift by. They eat by sucking in their prey through their long tubelike snout.

    Seahorses fall prey to larger fish like flounders and other bottom-dwelling fishes. Both Seahorse and Pipefish have been found in the stomachs of these kind of fish.

    Relatives of the Seahorse

    The pipehorse still puzzles biologists to this day, no one know for sure how this fish came to be or where it fits into the seahorse family.

    Sea Dragons have extra skin called Fronds that make them appear as if they were drifting seaweed.

    Seahorse Birth

    Male and female seahorse couples will swim together as if dancing. This creates a strong bond between them.

    The seahorses will wrap their tails around each others tail and after a few days the males pouch will fill with water. The female then gives him her eggs.

    Large male seahorses can carry several hundred eggs in his pouch.

    The males carry and protect the eggs for a few weeks while the babies grow and develop.

    Sea Dragons carry their eggs externally.

    When the male is ready to give birth he will push out the fry one or two at a time. This can last for a few hours depending on how many eggs he is carrying.

    Sadly many of the fry are eaten by fish and never get the chance to grow up into adulthood.

    Endangered Seahorses

    Seahorses are in danger from a number of things such as:

    Asian cultures using them for treating health problems. Some cultures believe that by grinding them up into a powder they can be taken as a supplement for various health issues.

    Seahorse are sometimes dried and made into jewelry, food, and souvenirs in many tourist shops.

    They are also brought into pet stores from the wild and sold at high prices for home aquariums where they usually contract diseases or are not properly cared for.

    Seahorses live in areas that regularly have human disturbances such as dredging, Because of this their homes are destroyed and many seahorses die in the process of trying to escape.

    The Major Seahorse Threat

    Dredging is one of the largest reasons for seahorse habitats disappearing:

    By causing direct impact it not only removes beneficial habitats but also spreads sediments that smother and kill coral reefs, fish, and any other beneficial life.

    Pollutants are released by dredging boats that cause fish to get sick and spread new diseases that their systems cannot overcome.

    Because of sediments resting on top of the reefs there is low light penetration which causes corals to wither and die off.

    Shrimp that people eat are often caught in the same places seahorses live. Many seahorses are accidentally caught in shrimp fisheries.

    How You Can Help

    During our research we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and found a display screen asking us to write a letter to the Governor to help protect California’s Seahorses. We both entered our names and sent off our letters. Pacific seahorses and pipefish make their homes in San Diego and other coastal wetlands. By signing these postcards we helped to protect our native horses.

    Be sure to check out the website to find out more about protecting seahorses and other ocean creatures!

    Fun Seahorse Facts

    The male seahorse carries the eggs and then gives birth to live young.

    The Dwarf Seahorse is the worlds smallest at a mere 2 inches.

    A seahorse has no teeth and no stomach. They must eat constantly to stay alive.

    Seahorses live in small family groups called herds.
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    Sharkie, Nov 4, 2009
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    i dont know why but it wont load for me...probably just on my end...
    cthegame, Nov 4, 2009
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    It loaded for me with no video.
    Smitty, Nov 4, 2009
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    I just watched Southpark and heard Cartman say lame. So your use of the word laaammmeee!! was funny. But anyway didn't know they had no stomach. Cool project.
    motorcyclereefer, Nov 4, 2009
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    had to reboot, vid works fine. Great vid sharkie!
    cthegame, Nov 4, 2009
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    Great job Sharkie.
    dcantucson, Nov 4, 2009
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    great work you did.
    daugherty, Nov 4, 2009
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    Cool vid, sharkie. Quite informative.
    wontonflip, Nov 4, 2009
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    You did a wonderful job. I am curious about two things: what age are you, and, what is the great music you used? Please reply. Thanks!
    sawa, Jun 29, 2013
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