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  1. Scientific name - Tridacna maxima

    Family – Tridacnidae

    Common name – Small Giant Clam

    Care Level – Moderate

    Lighting - High

    Temperament – Peaceful

    Water flow – Medium

    Foods and feeding – It will get most of its energy from the light, but will also filter feed particles from the water column.

    Supplements – Calcium (380- 450 mg/L), Magnesium (1280-1350 ppm), Strontium, Iodine, Trace Elements

    Aquarium suitability - This clam can be bought aqaucultured to persevere wild stocks

    Reef compatibility – Yes

    Captive care – The Squamosa clam is one of the less demanding clams available. All clams require much more light than corals and require pristine water conditions to thrive. They are extremely long lived and can grow to huge sizes in the home aquarium. They will anchor themselves to their surroundings by byssal threads. Never forcibly remove a clam that has attached itself, it will rarely recover from that type of damage. As a last resort, very carefully cut the byssal threats at their point of attachment to the substrate, taking upmost care to not damage the clam’s foot or other tissues. Their first placement should be considered their first placement. They come in a variety of different colors. They are extremely sensitive to nitrates and copper and tiny amounts of either are toxic to them.

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