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Discussion in 'New to Reefing' started by RedTornado, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. RedTornado


    Oct 31, 2010
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    Rochester, MN
    So i am planning on moving my tank here in a couple weeks and just wanted to get some thoughts on what the best way is to go about doing this.

    For starters i am thinking i am going to be moving all my fish and inverts and a 100 pounds of LR into a 55 gallon tank that i have laying around during the move. I plan on hooking my sump put to it so i will have filtration during the week or so the fish will be in the 55. I plan on making a couple upgrades to the stand hence the reason for the week or so.

    What i am really wondering is when i actually have to move the 75 can i leave the 80 pounds of sand in the tank with out it breaking or wrecking the tank? I am thinking about rinsing all the sand out any thoughts on that? I really don't want to have to go though another cycle but if it happens it happens.

    Also can I or should i reuse the water from one tank to another?

    I have never done this and it truly kind of scares me cause i don't want to destroy everything so any and all tips are welcome.
    RedTornado, Jun 10, 2011
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  2. RedTornado

    little_fish Moderator

    Mar 4, 2010
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    Denver, CO
    I think putting them in the 55 for a week should be fine. I would just have plenty of buckets on hand to put the extra rocks and water in.

    I would also worry about having all that weight on the bottom of the tank while you are moving it, i guess i personally would take some out. And yes, you do need to rinse the sand if you want to prevent a cycle.

    I would also reuse as much water as you can, try and fill the 55 with your old tank water if possible.
    little_fish, Jun 10, 2011
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  3. RedTornado

    Reef Nutz

    May 25, 2011
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    Got an spare bathtub? I used the tub to throw the boys into when I did the move. Throw the rocks into the 55g. Grab a 45g rubbermaid tub from Home Depot, throw the sand in there for rinsing.
    Reef Nutz, Jun 10, 2011
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