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    Some of you guys know that I periodically write product reviews for a consumer electronics rag. Today I took delivery of 3 new toys, and have 4 reviews due.

    1) Samsung Blu-Ray BDC5500XAA
    2) HP P6510 Desktop computer
    3) Toshiba Satellite C655

    I'll make these quick, but I figured from the response that I got over the TV thread some of you might be interested.

    1. Samsung Blu-Ray- Retails for $149.00 has very easy ethernet connectivity, comes ready for Netflix, Vudu, Pandora,...Easy to setup and picture quality is as good as Blu Ray players that cost nearly twice as much.

    2. HP 6510 Desktop- I don't think you can beat the performance of this machine for the $. Comes equipped with 4GB of RAM/ 64 Bit/ Nice AMD Athlonx4 630 processor. Nice powerful quiet system, however if you're a gamer you'll either want to upgrade to a video card or purchase a different machine. Also, comes with a better than normal quality keyboard, and the video quality running on a 27" LCD screen is very good. Took the opportunity to audition a couple of movies through Netflix today, worked seamlessly.

    3. Toshiba C655- Decent Laptop for less than $350.00 Toshiba has added a few cool features that even the HP 6510 doesn't have, on start up (Windows 7) it's still a little sluggish compared to the HP6510 and an Alienware laptop that we're currently testing, but still a nice machine. recommendation for a great back to school gift. Plenty of room to get the homework done and still have some fun.

    4. Google Chrome- The jury is still out on this, it'll take more than a day or two of living with Chrome. The things I like about Chrome is that it's a streamlined browser that will get you there fast. (even faster than a tweaked Firefox).. However, since it's so streamlined, you get a little sentimental for ease of use. I think the Chrome Themes are more or less a waste of time, and would like to see some of the built ins that the competitors have. But Chrome is far and away the safest web browser available out of the top 5.
    PRC, Jul 16, 2010
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