Ninebanded cardinalfish

Species information for the Ninebanded cardinalfish, in the Cardinals category.

  1. FAMILY - Perciformes

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Apogon Novemgasciatus

    COMMON NAME - Ninebanded Cardinalfish

    SIZE - 3.5" (9 cm)

    RANGE - Tropical Eastern Atlantic

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 20 US Gal. (76 L)

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Fresh marine fare for carnivores chopped into bits small enough for the fish to manage, crustacean flesh, mysid shrimp, frozen marine preparations for carnivores and omnivores.


    REEF COMPATIBILITY - May eat delicate ornamental shrimp.

    CAPTIVE CARE - Keep only one per tank unless at least 55 US Gal. (208 L) or larger, then add two at same time, will defend its hiding place and chase other cardinal fish away, the brighter the lighting the more the fish will hide. Will pester other cardinal fish, color tends to fade, feed a varied diet vitamin enriched and containing color enhancing additives for marine fish.

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