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    Nov 26, 2014
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    Dear All: I have a 180G mixed reef tank, and have had NO3/PO4 issues for years. I am running Carbon, and 2 months ago, started using BRS Biopellets. I am also dosing NOPOX. When I started with the biopellets, I stopped running GFO (in my BRS dual reactor--the other chamber is where the carbon is). Today is the 8 week mark for the biopellets. Upon testing today, my PO4 levels have finally come down (.36), but I want them down even further. My NO4 levels have not budged. BRS recommends that the biopellets run for 8 weeks, and during that time shut-off the UV Sterilizer and stop dosing GFO.

    Can I keep the biopellets running, and at the same time, dose NOPOX and/or Neonitro? Or is that a bad idea? I have gotten mixed answers from BRS on this, and don't want to dose too much OR dose things simultaneously that may result in some sort of chemistry disaster.

    Thanks for any help.
    Jeff P., Nov 20, 2016
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