Sally Lightfoot Crab

Species information for the Sally Lightfoot Crab, in the Crabs category.

  1. Scientific name - Percnon gibbesi.

    Family – Grapsidae

    Common name – Sally Light Foot, Spray, Urchin, Short Crab

    Max Size – 3 in (9 cm)

    Range: Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, Indo-Pacific

    Care Level – Easy

    Temperament – Semi-aggressive

    Foods and feeding – This crab will scavenge food from the aquarium and will also accept offerings of small meaty foods

    Supplements: Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine, Trace Elements

    Aquarium suitability -

    Reef compatibility – With caution

    Captive care – This is an opportunistic predator and will go after fish. It also does better in large aquariums with a strong current. Crabs are extremely sensitive to nitrates and copper and small amounts will kill them
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