SaltwaterU TWO Conference

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    SaltwaterU TWO

    SaltwaterU ( is our now annual conference hosted by the Atlanta Reef Club, but open to anyone and everyone. We especially invite other clubs with similar interests to join in. This year, we will be hosting a range of incredible speakers (and to be honest, we can't believe we got them, either!). The three-day conference will be hosted at the new Georgia Aquarium May 5-7, 2006, and we're trying to reach as many fellow enthusiasts as possible. We really believe that everybody that comes will enjoy and benefit from conference.

    The conference will present a number of big name speakers, including:

    * Eric Borneman, author of Aquarium Corals
    * Dr. Bruce Carlson, Director of Life Sciences at the Georgia Aquarium
    * Anthony Calfo, co-author of Reef Invertebrates
    * Robert Fenner co-author of Reef Invertebrates
    * Dr. Robert E. Hueter, Senior Scientist and Director of Mote Marine Laboratory’s Center for Shark Research
    * Steven Pro, active and passionate aquarist
    * Walt Smith, renowned aquaculturist based in the South Pacific
    * Martin Moe, veteran marine biologist and author of The Marine Aquarium Notebook
    * Dr. Rusty Brainard, scientist from Census of Marine Life

    We have a number of people that are attending the conference from both local and national levels and expect a great turnout. The conference includes other key events, such as:

    * Gray’s Reef excursion – a dive trip to the costal reefs in Savannah, GA, preceding the conference
    * Friday night Gala – a special event speaker followed by a reception and party in the Cold Water gallery at the GA Aquarium
    * Saturday and Sunday speaker events
    * Kid's program to offer an educational experience for 5-12yr olds
    * Teen program for both Gray’s Reef and the conference
    * Behind the scenes tour of the GA Aquarium

    We are encouraging people across the country to learn about this event. It has already attracted people all over the nation, both because of the caliber of the event and the newly opened GA Aquarium. We hope that some members of Chattanooga Reefers will also be able to participate!

    Discount for Chatt Reefers members

    The Atlanta Reef Club has offered a reciprocal agreement with CR. This would allow any member of CRC to take advantage of the privileges of ARC membership (except holding office or voting). This includes discounts to any of our 25+ sponsors, access to our monthly power buys, and other benefits. Because we have clubs of similar structure, we offer this for only $5.

    This discount is also good for Saltwater U, where you can save $25 off the cost of registration.

    Registration has already begun at We encourage you to check out the site and ask any questions.
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    RevReefer, Mar 25, 2006
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    Sounds Awesome!
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    Timothy, Mar 28, 2006
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