Seven marine/reef aquarium books (Scott W. Michael, Robert Fenner, etc.)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Schub21, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Nov 14, 2012
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    I feel like the starting price is fair, but I am open to other possible offers. Thanks.
    Lot of Seven Marine Reef Aquarium Books Scott w Michael Robert Fenner Etc | eBay

    This is a group of seven marine/reef aquarium reference books, all in very good or like new condition (see note on "Reef Fishes" below). They are as follows:

    1. "Dr. Burgess's Marine Aquarium Atlas of Fishes" - Warren E. Burgess, Herbert E. Axelrod, Raymond E. Hunziker
    2. "Reef Fishes", Volume 1 - Scott W. Michael (slight tear at bottom left corner of front cover, has tape on it, no danger of ripping further if handled well)
    3. "Basslets, Dottybacks, and Hawkfishes" - Scott W. Michael
    4. "Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes" - Scott W. Michael
    5. "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" - Robert M. Fenner
    6. "Reef Invertebrates: An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility" - Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner
    7. "Natural Reef Aquariums: Simplified Approaches to Creating Living Saltwater Microcosms" - John H. Tullock

    These are all written by highly acclaimed authors and researchers within the field, and they are considered some of the seminal, mass-market-published works on their particular subjects (as you probably know if you find yourself here). While they were very useful to me for a time, I have kept good care of them, and they contain no damage, notes/writing, or significant wear-and-tear (other than the one small tear I have listed). I would definitely prefer to sell them as a collection (and I feel this price is very reasonable), but if you have an offer for only one or several of these books, please feel free to contact me. And of course, if you need further information, photos, or have any questions, I'll be glad to help.
    Schub21, Nov 15, 2012
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  2. Schub21

    Salty B

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Definately a bargain....The Conscientious Marine Aquarist buy itself is like 70 bucks!
    Salty B, Nov 15, 2012
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