Something is eating my softies.

Discussion in 'Corals' started by WarmSoda, May 8, 2015.

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    I recently got two small frags, a Zoa and a Ricordia mushroom, and they all looked fantastic for about two days until they started to show signs of stress; heads closing up and mushroom curling into itself. Another 24 hours go by and things get worse, I see some of the 'buttons' on the Ricordia are almost chewed off and the heads are completely closed on the Zoas.

    I inspected the Zoas and found a small mass of brown stuff, originally thought it was slime from stress but I got at it with tweezers and it's a string of slimey eggs.
    I don't know if this I related or not.

    Now if also seen my peppermint shrimp aggressively attacking my mushroom but i don't know if it was just 'cleaning'.

    Thoughts? Nudibranchs? Sundial Snails? Shrimp being jerks?

    EDIT: forgot to note; Nitrates; 0 Amonia 0 phosphates .05 calcium 420

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