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    The VIP membership upgrade page is now back online since the upgrade! :)

    Becoming a VIP member is a great way to support Living Reefs. We fund the site primarily through member donations, so we're extremely grateful to VIP members for keeping the site running and helping it to grow. At $20, it costs less than DVD to support the site for a whole year, and it comes with plenty of benefits as a big thank you for keeping the site running:
    • You'll get a VIP Membership badge under your new highlighted username as a recognition of your help.
    • The VIP trophy is unlocked (permanently), so you'll notice this shiny new reward in your profile.
    • Images and Links in signatures are now available exclusively to VIP members.
    • No advertising will be shown when browsing the forums.
    • A nice warm fuzzy feeling for helping out the site! :D
    In the future, we'll also be rolling out some other benefits for VIP members - such as some exclusive competitions and other perks :).

    Thank you!
    Ian, Oct 3, 2013
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