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    It is amazing how many times new systems are dosed with additives, miracle aids, algae gone concoctions, and the like. A marine system needs time to mature in order to fully develope into a system that is not a maintenance nightmare. By interrupting the aging process you interfere with the time it takes for the system to reach maturity. there is no set time frame, however, it is definitely over 6 months and some times takes up to a year or more. So, when you have a problem, identify why the problem has developed, deal with the reason the problem has arisen thereby correcting the problem and let the system go through its maturing process. Just because the initial cycle is over it does not mean the biological bed is able to support much life. you need to add slowly to your system to give the biological capabilities of your system a chance to mature to a point where they can deal with the additional bio loads. At times you will develope problems and there will be no apparent cause. In some of these cases it is important to just wait it out. Now knowing when to wait it out and when not to is a matter of experience and sometimes even experience cannot be enough to know exactly what to do. use chemicals and additives as a last resort only and make sure you understand what the additives will do to your system in total. If it remedies you apparent problem but causes additional problems you need to carefully consider the risks. if you are unsure then dont add it. (a mistake that is understood and learned from is a well worth while venture.)
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    jhnrb, Apr 22, 2007
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