True Carpet Anemone

Species information for the True Carpet Anemone, in the Anemones category.

  1. Scientific name - Stichodactyla gigantea

    Family – Stichodactylidae

    Common name – True Carpet, Carpet, Gigantic Carpet Anemone

    Max Size – 36 in (91 cm)

    Range – Indo-Pacific

    Min. Aquarium size – 50 gal (189 L)

    Care Level – Difficult

    Lighting - High

    Temperament – Aggressive

    Water flow – Strong

    Foods and feeding – It will get most of its energy from the light, but should be feed larger meaty foods like chopped fish, shrimp, scallops or clams.

    Supplements - Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Iodine, Trace Elements

    Aquarium suitability -

    Reef compatibility – With caution, always the chance it might catch and eat a small fish.

    Captive care – This is one the most difficult animals to keep in this hobby. They require extremely high lighting conditions, and pristine water. They are extremely sensitive to copper, nitrates and any swing in parameters can be fatal. Extreme caution should be taken with any anemone because when they die, the toxins they release can and will kill everything else in the aquarium. Any anemone should not be tempted in a tank less than a year old. When introduced to a tank an anemone will wander around until it finds a suitable place to live. It prefers a sand bed to bury its foot in. It can sting other anemones, corals and fish so be sure it has plenty of space. This species of anemone will host clownfish.
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