What's On Sale at Reefs2go.com this week - while supplies last!!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Offers' started by Reefs2go.com, May 1, 2012.

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    A fun week at Reefs2go.com - cool animals on Special!!!​

    Saltwater Corals and Misc Invertebrates:

    Duncanops - Only $16.99 - Frank of Naples said "After one month, coral is doing great. I purchased one head of Australian Duncanops like a month ago from reefs2go's specials. It arrived healthy and is doing really good. Can't complain at all. I think the price is a bang for the buck!"

    Feather Dusters - Only $7.99 each - Big and Beautiful - Sharyn from South Carolina said - Got 3 feather dusters for my 120. All 3 were "blooming" in their acclimation container! Very healthy, and nicely sized. I love it that they don't go into hiding just because one of the fish swims by...they're out nearly all the time.

    Saltwater Anemones:

    Green Bubble Anemones - Only $19.99 or Rose Bubble Anemones - Only $49.99 - Robert of Virginia said - "My order arrived in great shape. Everyone looked in great shape and started settling in very fast. The extra heat pads kept them warm during this cold snowy winter. I have never seen such a large healthy pinkpin urchin and all of the rest were even better than that. Everyone arrived in separate bags and packaged so no one got crushed. Thanks again Reefs2go.com for such great orders. A++++++service. I wish others were this concerned for their livestock."

    Macro Algae Sale

    We have packs of algae and individual types on Sale this week - Check this out:

    Caulerpa prolifera - a generous portion weighing ~.5lb in bag - ONLY $7.99

    Sea Lettuce aka Ulva - only $8.99 - Great for natural fish food - and our Sea Lettuce has GREEN Amphipods and Copepods in it!!

    Large Refugium Sampler Algae Pack contains the following:

    • 250 Pods (Live Saltwater Food)
    • Codium
    • Caulerpa Prolifera
    • Halimedia
    • Shaving Brush
    • Sea Lettuce
    • Gracilaria
    • Chaeto

    Reefs2go.com, May 1, 2012
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