WOW - We have some outrageous Specials - Freebies for ALL orders + $10 off orders

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    Sep 19, 2011
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    3350 Ulmerton Rd Suite 13, Clearwater, Fl 33762 has some SWEET deals: Freebies for all orders over $1.00 Orders over $50 - Take $10 off - use code TUESDAY for discount at the cart! This offer expires at midnight - 8.14.2012 Great Deals on Invertebrates, Saltwater Fish and Corals!! Turbo Snails - Buy 1 for $.89 Get 1 FREE!!
    Jesse said "All came in healthy. They cruise around munching algae all day and love to keep the glass clean."
    Engineer Goby - Only $3.99 - A great sandsifting Goby!!
    Sharon said "Ordered 2 of these little guys as sand-stirrers for my 75gal shrimp tank. They may be small yet, but they've already tunneled half the length of the tank in just 2 weeks! Very healthy and eager to do what an engineer goby does best: dig!"
    Condy Anemones - Only $4.99
    Maciej said " got it yesterday, and it's just great, beautiful, healthy specimen. Reefs2Go is the place to order."
    Emerald Crabs - Buy 1 for $6.99 Get 1 FREE!
    John said " Got four of these emerald crabs, arrived alive and healthy....doing great...Thanks R2G for the new members of my tank family"
    Flame Scallop- Only $8.99 Green Bubble Anemone - Only $19.99
    Robert said "My order arrived in great shape. Everyone looked in great shape and started settling in very fast. The extra heat pads kept them warm during this cold snowy winter. I have never seen such a large healthy pinkpin urchin and all of the rest were even better than that. Everyone arrived in separate bags and packaged so no one got crushed. Thanks again for such great orders. A++++++service. I wish others were this concerned for their livestock."
    Ocellaris Clowns - Only $9.99
    Seth raved "I ordered a few of these ocellaris clowns six months back and they are still very healthy. Reefs2go has amazing stock."
    Pgymy Angelfish - Only $19.99
    Rod Exclaimed "The Cherub Pgymy Angelfish is a great nano fish, gets along great with all of my fish"
, Aug 14, 2012
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