Zebra moray

Species information for the Zebra moray, in the Eels category.

  1. FAMILY - Mureanidae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Gymnomuraena Zebra

    COMMON NAME - Zebra Moray

    SIZE - 4.9 ft. (1.5 m)

    RANGE - Indo Pacific

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 55 US Gal. (208 L) (species only tank)

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Meaty marine fair, feeder crabs to help acclimate, Feed a min. 2 times a week to satiation.


    REEF COMPATIBILITY - Will eat ornamental crustaceans, may topple unsecured rock work and corals.

    CAPTIVE CARE - Ideal for the community fish tank, a docile moray that poses no threat to the fish community or the aquarist, Hiding places large enough to conceal its entire body are a must. Juveniles accept food more readily and will take a wider variety of marine fare than the older specimens, provide fish flesh, clam meat, scallop, and squid all from a feeding stick, with the feeding stick (acrylic) gently nudge the ells snout with the food.

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