Boutique Coral Vendors.

Discussion in 'Vendor Evaluations' started by reeffreak, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Jan 8, 2007
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    I want to give a shout out to what I call some of the boutique vendors out there.The ones that typically sell smaller selection of corals,many of them rare and uncommon.

    Cherry Coral-Todd is a super cool guy,customer service is excellent with nice selection of corals from time to time.Fed Ex delayed my corals from Friday til Monday.So my corals were in a bag for 5 days and they all arrived alive and well..Excellent packaging

    Reef Odyssey-some of the nicest scolys and lobos..

    Alpha Aquaculture-if you are looking for designer clowns,check them out.There are WYSIWYG clowns with not only pictures but a video.The owner is super cool and help me pic two clowns that have the best chances with pairing up.I got a PRO black snowflake and SA picasso extreme.They paired up perfectly together.

    Although not small boutique AquaSD and Pacific East have really nice coral selection and great customer service as well.
    reeffreak, Jan 23, 2014
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