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Discussion in 'Corals' started by Hellybell80, Jul 6, 2019.

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    Jun 16, 2019
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    Morning all,

    I need a little advice.
    My tank had massive issues with algae which ice been battling with, with some help and advice from people on here and the lfs.
    Parameters have been ok. Apart from the obvious false negative on my PO4, since I had algae.
    I found a dead fish on the morning after noticing my clown fish acting strangely on the bottom. So fished out the dead mandarin and watched the clown. The clown got worse so I put him in a different set up incase he had got toxic poisoning from the mandarin.
    Refreshed my carbon. Then all my fish started showing the same issue quite quickly. So I did a 60% water change incase it was toxic release. But still lost all the fish. Apart from the clown I had transferred out.
    That night I found a type of sea slug of sorts lying in the sand bed i never knew I had (hitchhiker) . I did grab it with some tweezers to see what it was as it looked like floating plastic at first. It was alive.
    The next morning I go down to the whole sand bed covered in dying bristle worms and other worms. Apart from my hermits everything was dead. Including my mushrooms ,acans and leather coral peeling away and rotting. So I do a big water change clean all the dead out.
    After a couple of days I put the clown back in to test it as all parameters were reading good.
    Hes doing fine and my zoas have finally opened after several weeks of being closed due to algae. But the toadstools half has rotted so will cut out the bad parts. And my acan is skeletal. With only a small part still fleshy. My Duncan is just covered in brown slime. (Probably disease due to stress) 20190630_221405.jpg 15623954145078588700974727012467.jpg 15623954503723208929788490965031.jpg 15623954779371161247114418565863.jpg 15623954993224589625002065499932.jpg 20190630_221405.jpg 20190701_064422.jpg 20190701_191526.jpg
    So do you thing the corals will pick back up?
    Obviously it was something toxic that wiped my tank out. Devastating.
    Hellybell80, Jul 6, 2019
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