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    Nov 26, 2014
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    I have been battling brown algae for months now....NOTHING I do gets rid of it. I am wiping down my glass twice a day....I wake up and it needs cleaning and especially at the end of the day when the lights were running, MAJOR algae EVERYWHERE. And this is relatively recent. These are the details of my tank./

    180g mixed reef that has been up and run-in g for ov er 10 years.

    Ecotech Radion G5 Blues that run about 11 hours/day on the LPS/Soft Coral template.

    Paramegters are:

    Salinity: 1.026

    Temp. 78

    pH: 8.0

    Ca: 422

    P04: .69

    dKh: 9.6

    Nitrates: off the charts

    I have been battling Nitrates and Phosphates for YEARS...I have tried everything, the latest of which is a refugium where my Chaeto is growing nicely.

    I admittedly don't do water changes as often as I should.

    But what explains all this algae which is choking out my VERY easy to keep softies and requiring me to clean the glass 2 x/day?


    Jeff P., Jun 20, 2022
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